Internet Marketing & Branding

Okay, so you have a website. Are you getting the traffic you want? Do you even know what kind of traffic you're getting... and who's finding you? And how they're finding you? Well, it's pretty important to have a website that people can find. 

If you’re in business for yourself, you want to be sure keep your name and brand in good standing. With the rapid pace of technology, it’s not hard to get lost in the virtual wastelands and become oblivious to what’s being said about your company.  Daynger Interactive can monitor the web and track all things said about your brand. Anytime, anyplace. We know who's talking.

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Daynger Interactive is the first-of-its-kind company specializing in Local Directory Optimization. An optimized listing substantially increases online visibility. Your online visibility generates new customers and facilities your current customers, ultimately increasing sales and improving customer satisfaction.

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If you have a great product, website, or brilliant idea, we want to help you get noticed. That’s why we specialize in new media and social marketing. We’re darn creative, too. We journey to the center of the social mediasphere and we get the word out for you in a way that gets you more relevant traffic. We’re proud to say that we’ve pioneered the social marketing movement in the southwest and a have one heck of a good reputation. We’re not afraid to jump into the virtual no-mans-land and get our hands a little dirty to build your brand.

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At Daynger, We integrate industry-leading, best-of-class SEO practices with innovative and unique initiatives. We strive to create fully customized and unique implementation strategies, executed flawlessly.

Our expertise was born in the heart of web technology - Silicon Valley. We have earned respect in the S.E.O. world by creating elaborate, highly effective SEO plans that get our clients to the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

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